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Deepa Shakthi

In 2022, Mishra met international fusion vocalist Deepa Nair Rasiya, receiving a commission from zerOclassikal to compose new music. Out of a blossoming musical friendship, they began a collaborative project that takes the soul-stirring euphoria of Deepa’s sufi singing as a starting point, and weaves in the threads of Mishra’s UK folk and Indian classical influences to create a captivating cross-cultural sound. Their joyous performances are a journey of contrasts, from hand-clapping trance-like sufi songs to spacious stillness and reflection. 


Over 30 years of studying Indian music and working across genres under the banner of ‘world music’, Deepa Nair Rasiya has forged an international reputation as a vocalist and composer, receiving awards and acclaim in the UK and India. She has worked with artists including Kuljit Bhamra and is currently touring with Opera North’s production of Orpheus.


31/03 BATH Rondo Theatre

01/04 SOUTHAMPTON God’s House Tower

02/04 SWANSEA Taliesin Arts Centre    

07/04 GLASTONBURY Assembly Rooms    

08/04 PENZANCE The Acorn      

13/04 NOTTINGHAM Squire Theatre    

14/04 NEW MILLS Spring Bank Arts Centre

15/04 SHEFFIELD The Greystones + Daytime Family Show

16/04 MANCHESTER Stoller Hall

Sufi, celtic collaboration

Spring Tour 2023


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